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      英國金屬導報《China Minmetals to build iron ore service center 》

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      China Minmetals Corp, together with four other companies, is setting up an iron ore service center in the northern Chinese province of Hebei that could simplify the way mills procure the steelmaking raw material.  


      Dubbed “Minmetals-Caofeidian”, the facility in Caofeidian Port will provide services to the market that include iron ore blending, delivery warehousing and financing.  


      Minmetals’ 41 million-tonnes-per-year blending capacity will provide mills in the region a centralized solution for them to obtain feedstock tailored to the requirements of their blast furnaces. It would also go towards replacing scattered blending sites that add to China’s pollution woes.


      Minmetals signed an agreement to set up the service center with the four companies - with Caofeidian Port, Hesteel, Shougang, and China Cosco Shipping - last Friday. 


      Shougang and Hesteel will be the “key clients” of the service center, though several other mills in Tangshan have shown keen interest in it, according to Minmetals.


      Caofeidian Port handles half of all iron ore sold to Hebei, China’s steelmaking hub. The port also has the capacity to allow the berthing of 400,000-tonne Valemax vessels.


      Currently, steelmakers are faced with a wide range of iron ore from various sources in the market, all with individual physical properties, Fe content and level of impurities. When iron ore is not properly blended, mills run the risk of damaging their blast furnaces, apart from consuming more fuel and incurring a higher cost of iron.


      The center’s blending service will be a boon to mills whose needs change according to the where the market is at, according to an analyst in Shanghai.


      For example, a strong market this year led to Chinese mills sourcing more iron ore with high Fe and low silica and sulphur to produce more hot iron and cut emission, he added.


      Chinese ports have seen iron ore trading activity become more significant in recent times due to their proximity to consumers. Mills also have more flexibility when purchasing iron ore at the ports, since they would not have to commit to entire vessels, but merely procure in smaller volumes as needed.


      This growth has led to transaction prices at the ports having more and more of an effect on the seaborne market.


      Metal Bulletin’s 62% Fe China Port Price Index was 466 yuan per wet metric tonne fot Qingdao last Friday, down 6% from a month earlier. The index reflects the value of iron ore products with a 62% Fe content, 3.5-8% silica and 0.02-0.06% sulphur at the port.


      Headquartered in Beijing, Minmetals has investments in copper, zinc and nickel and tungsten reserves globally. The company is also involved in the procurement and marketing of metals and minerals.



      Karen Shi 

      Index Manager - China | Metal Bulletin  



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